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General Dentistry

​​ A. Initial Consultation

The first person you will meet will be our friendly reception staff. At your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss with me any dental problems you may have or how you would like your teeth improved and the nature of treatments you might require in future.

Study model’s radiographs may be taken for future planning of treatment. Over all treatment plans will be discussed at that time.


B. Treatment plan

I will give you a full oral examination so that we can accurately plan which treatments would be best suited for the health of your mouth. During this examination, we will be looking at -

  • Painful carious teeth

  • Existing restorations such as Filling, crowns, dentures etc.

  • The health of your gums and surrounding bone

  • Your cheeks & lips palate, tongue, and throat for signs of oral lesions and lesions leading to oral cancer

  • Examination of jaw bones and Tempero mandibular joints for joint sounds like clicking and grating.

  • Photographs of the oral cavity of your jaw mouth and face will be taken for future reference.

Once the examination is complete then I will discuss the findings with you. I will then explain the proposed treatment plan with its benefit and drawbacks. You are free to choose the suggested treatment plan options and we will work accordingly. Your queries are welcome so that future misunderstanding is avoided. I am bound to give you an honest appraisal of your condition and limitations of treatment if any.

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