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Hygiene & Quality Standards

At our clinic, we are committed to the safety of not only our patients but also all the staff working in the clinic. We strongly believe that one who can’t take care of himself can’t provide good care to others. We want to make your visit at my clinic a comfortable & satisfying experience.

  • The dental chair and the unit are kept clean at any given point of time. The dental surfaces are disinfected.

  • For patients, disposable glass and the suction tips used to suck water and saliva from the mouth are also one-time “use and throw”

  • The chair has anti restriction valve preventing water or oral fluids to go back to the internal system and thus prevent cross infection.


Instrument Sterilization

Every instrument used in this clinic is either disposable or sterilized. The instruments to be sterilized follow a prescribed sequence before it is used again.After they are cleaned instruments are autoclaved and instruments which cannot be autoclaved, they are chemically sterilized.

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